Managing Multiple Sets of Parents

Families come in all shapes and sizes. MyHeritage users can now specify up to three sets of parents for any individual in the online family tree: biological, adoptive, and foster. For example, if an individual was adopted and his or her biological parents are known, both relationships can now be accommodated in the family tree in a few simple steps. 

To add another set of parents for an individual in the online family tree on the MyHeritage website, visit the family tree by clicking on the “Family tree” tab on the navigation bar.

In the family tree, click on the person’s profile to open the left hand panel. Then, click on the three dots “More” icon and select “Manage parents” from the menu.

The “Manage parents” window allows you to add or manage up to three sets of parents: biological, adoptive, and foster. An individual can have only one set of parents of each type in the family tree. If no parents are listed in the family tree, the “Manage parents” window will allow adding three sets of parents.

If the individual has biological parents already listed in the family tree, their names will appear in a box that labels them as biological parents. There is still the ability to add adoptive parents and/or foster parents, but biological parents are displayed by default.

If you want to add another set of parents to your family tree, you can click on the +Adoptive Parents or +Foster Parents buttons. If there is only one adoptive parent, or only one parent’s name is known, you can add the one parent and leave the other card empty. Click on each card to enter the names of the the father, and mother, and then click “done”.

Once a second parent is added, you’ll see a +1 indication on the family tree. Hovering over the +1 icon will show a tooltip explaining that there are additional parents in the tree. If two additional sets of parents appear, you’ll see a +2 indication. Clicking on this indication will reopen the “Manage parents” window.

When an individual has more than one set of parents, only one set can be displayed in the family tree at a given time. To view the adoptive parents in the family tree, click on the “Show in tree’ link at the top of the card.

While “Show in tree” enables you to visualize adoptive and/or foster parents in the family tree, it does not change the default display the tree. Biological parents, if they are known, are displayed by default; otherwise, adoptive, and finally, foster parents. To change the default display to show the adoptive parents, click on the cogwheel and open the Setting panel.

If an individual has multiple sets of parents assigned and you change the type of parental relationship to another one that already exists in the tree, the relationship type for the remaining set(s) of parents will automatically be reassigned. For example, if Charles and Diana are Laura’s adoptive parents, but you change them to be the biological parents, then Brian and Debra will automatically be reassigned the adoptive parents.

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