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USA-Map places visited-livedWant to add an interesting map to your family documents or do something a bit different at the next family reunion- well try mapping all the states and / or countries you have either lived in or visited.

There are a couple different ways you can do this very simple online map titled Maploco.

Have a map of just places a specific branch of the family has lived over the years. Have one of the different places your parents have visited – had a vacation in. You can do this easy map of any one person or a family or a whole family lineage. You can do just the states in the United States or European nations or Canadian Provinces or the whole world.

For the states you will see a listing of all fifty states. Click on the state name you have lived in or if doing one of places visited, click that state. As you do the blank map below gets that state colored in. Also as you move the computer mouse over the states they reveal their name.

Once you finished marking the state you can do a right click and save to your computer that map, share it on Facebook or Twitter or do a screen print of the map.

To start over, click each state name block again and the color marking it on the map is removed.

If you want to do the same for Canadian Provinces, European nations or world countries, for the links just scroll down and at the bottom click on which area you want to do next.  For the world travelers, the big world map would be fascinating to see completed.

USA-Map-EuropeEach produced map really shows where and where not a person or a family have lived or visited over the years. This is a great item to add to you family history collection. At a family reunion have each person recall where they have lived and make up a map for each using Maploco.

Photo: USA Map of places I have visited and Western European nations.

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