Marriage Records 1886-1970 for Washington Co., MD

Every family researcher loves to find marriage records for relatives because of the information such a document can provide. Online now from Washington County Free Library of Maryland are the digitally scanned records for marriages occurring in Washington County from 1886 to 1970 – nearly 100 years worth.

Now you might think, you had no relatives who lived in Washington County, Maryland during those years, but remember marriages could occur in locations that the bride and groom never lived in. The couple could have been residents of a nearby county in Maryland or a neighboring state (Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, or Delaware). People eloping could have traveled anywhere to be married, including many states away. So do not overlook this complete database of marriage records for Washington County.

Scroll down and the listings are divided by years. You see the year and in brackets are the marriage record PDF numbers. You will need those numbers for a year you are searching. For that year beginning January first, it goes in the order of the numbers for the marriage records available. When you see a division line and the next number, that is a new listing.

With no idea of what month or years, use this index listing of marriages searching by a surname. Scroll this page down a bit and you see the boxes to fill out what you are searching for. I put in the surname ‘Everhart’ with no dates or given names and 74 listings appeared.

Now you will see given names with a surname along with a page number that fits with the marriage record PDF numbers and to the far right the marriage year. Now you can go back to the listing for a specific year and scroll the numbers to the scanned copy of your ancestor’s marriage. Let that year load before scrolling. It may take a bit of time for each marriage records to come up, there are about 200 full-size images for each year.

If you find a relative’s marriage record you can save it to your computer or print it. Certified copies may be obtained from the Marriage License Department at the Circuit Court for Washington County in Hagerstown. Mail your request to the Clerk of the Circuit Court, 24 Summit Avenue, Hagerstown, MD 21740.

It can be interesting to see the different couples who married and even those with a big age difference.

Photos: 1890s-Hagerstown, MD Public Square; 1892-Jacob Minnich and Mary Snyder, both from Franklin Co., PA; 1904-Newkirk and Rubeck – big age difference;

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