Maryland Death Certificates - 1898-1910

If you have any ancestors who may have died in Maryland and the death certificate record is available online. This online site begins May 1898 and not as many were done prior to 1898.

It is interesting to learn what an ancestor died of. Plus it is a good way to see the correct spelling of a name, a close relative or their age at death.

The search is done by going done the date list on the left and then finding the name of the county your ancestor may have died in. Keep in mind, they may have died in a neighboring county, not the county they had a home in.

Click on the link and the death certificate cards with names for that month and year in that county will appear. There might only be two or three or many cards for that month. Then click on ‘death certificates’ to view those available. You can enlarge each card and make a screen print.

Looking via a search might not provide other names on the card such as a relative (mother, father or spouse). Looking at each card in a specific hometown county can produce some results.

Have your list of names, dates and locations in front of you. Could be surprised at what you learn.

Photos: Images of Maryland death certificates for Elizabeth Kinney in 1898 (her occupation was that of a ‘lady’ and Lewis O. Castle in July 1899, single and the names of his parents are listed – Castle was an ancestor on my mother’s side.

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