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Rose Hill - tombYou would think this, Rose Hill, might be a small cemetery in Hagerstown, Maryland, but it is quite a large public cemetery, dating back to 1865 with some 42,000 burials. It was started by William T. Hamilton, who later became Maryland’s Governor from 1879-1883. Burials included ordinary citizens from around the region of Maryland to Senators, Mayors, Judges, Army Generals, American Revolutionary soldiers as well as Civil War soldiers. Beginning in 1871 a section was established for burial of approximately Confederate military personnel, most who died in the Battle of Antietam. If you had a Confederate ancestor who was at Antietam, this would be a great place to search. Rose Hill - conf.However, many of the dead of Antietam could not identified with a name rather only that they were Confederate soldiers.

The cemetery staff completed from their records and the actual grave headstones an online listing of those buried at Rose Hill Cemetery. On their web site there is ‘Genealogy Search‘ with an alphabetical listing for an easier search. Reminder the spelling of a surname might be different on a cemetery record or even the headstone, so do check numerous spellings.

The listing for the letter ‘B’ has 3,692 listings. Where known, the full name is provided, dates for birth, death and burial; then the grave Section and Lot numbers. There is also a search box within each letter in the upper right to put in a specific surname. However you could even try an unusual given name in the search. If you had ancestors in this area, it is very good to check because there may have been a relative you were never aware of existing. An excellent example is a young child or even a baby who died early.

Rose Hill - cemeteryBesides on the online listing, if you have further questions, use the ‘Contact’ tab to email, fax or phone the cemetery officials at Rose Hill.

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