May - Historic Preservation Month

Historic Preservation Month was created by the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 1971 to provide examples of local preservation efforts in America. Preservation Month during May is observed by small towns and big cities with events ranging from architectural and historic tours and award ceremonies, to fundraising events, historical speakers, educational programs, and heritage travel opportunities.

The Preservation Directory has a listing of events, some took place in April, but most will be in May. Scroll down the list of various places.

Historic preservation’s purpose is to protect and enhance our historic communities, to make sure important landmarks, homes, shops, arches, bridges, etc are preserved. Of course, not just buildings, but the local community’s history is also preserved.

Here are a few examples of events in Martin County, Florida during preservation month of May 2017. There is a variety of places and history covered. 

Tour the historic home of Anne Bates Leach, Coca-Cola heiress.

Learn the history and tour the 1889 home of Capt. Henry Sewall.

Tour the Gothic-styled church, All Saints, oldest in Martin County.

Showing at the theatre the vintage film ‘Gentle Giant’ filmed in the county in 1966.

Lecture of Salerno and its commercial fishing village.

Tour the prehistoric archaeological Mount Elizabeth site.

Lecture of early sailing vessels used in the area in the 1900s.

Tour of the Audubon House of Martin County and the ‘Possum’ Long Nature Center.

Check with city and county officials from the hometown region of your ancestors. Check online. They could be doing some events there and just might provide information about some of your ancestors.

Photos: The Leach Mansion;  All Saints Church; Audubon House and Salerno fishing.

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