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message board Either you have used the Rootsweb Message Boards in the past or have never used them. Whichever is your case – this new year, this January, go to these wonderful message boards, any one of which could provide new information.

First timers — it is simple. Use the search box at the top, placing a surname, hometown, military regiment, whatever you want to look up. You could also use the next search box about just surnames, especially if there has been different spellings for the surname you are looking up.

Or go to the categories search. If you are looking within the United States, click on it and then states to narrow the search. The same is done if you searched Europe. Other topics / categories include military, cemeteries, occupations, photographs, hospitals and even lost family.

If you selected ‘Lost family and friends’ then select the location, like the United States. There is a search box at the top of this section, where you place a key name or word. You might even just scan down the list of messages posted over the years by others, there could be a key name you overlooked. The messages start with the most recent and include anyone who has replied to the original question or information provided.

If you want to submit your own question on a specific board or topic you will need to sign-in — located in the upper right corner. It is free. Include as much information that you know. Never just ask for information ‘on your grandfather’. Include full name, BMD dates, spouse, hometown, etc. Place a message in several categories, such as location, occupation, surname, etc. You never know what information is already posted – that is why you recheck the Rootsweb Message Board very few months.

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