Michigan Marriages 1822 - 1995

Michigan-bride-groom 1900It is a great to have a large database to search. This is always true for information provided by FamilySearch.org.

If you have had any relatives in Michigan, you will want to check this large index of marriages in Michigan covering 1822 to 1995, some 173 years.

It is a digital index of marriages, not scanned images of the marriage certificates. Unfortunately, not all counties and all marriages in Michigan are on the site. Michigan--RootThere still is information to gather. Most have the full name of the bride and groom as well as the wedding date. The place of the marriage is on the index as well as the parents’ names for the bride and groom.

Later marriage records (1930-1990s) can include the couple’s age at the time of marriage, their race, where the bride and groom were each born, and their exact birth year.Michigan--Burns

This is where you might also locate other given names or spelling for surnames you did not know. Not that an index might not have misspellings also, but still make note of any differences found.

If you tried a search naming a specific county in Michigan or time frame, adjust that. Try a search not placing a county name. Keep in mind an ancestor may have lived in Michigan but maybe they married in a neighboring state such as Indiana, Wisconsin, or Ohio. The couple might have even married in Canada to the north. Broaden a time frame for the wedding also.

Michigan-bride-groom 1901See what Michigan ancestors and their weddings your can find.

Photos: The 1897 marriage of Nelson Root and Addie Smith in 1897 in Clinton County and Charles Burns and Shirley Jones in Lake County in March 1966.

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