Middle Child Day - Aug. 12th

So how many of you are a ‘middle child’ in the family? How about your mother or father, were they a middle child. There is scientific research on one’s birth order having an effect on that person. August 12th has been recognized as a special day of the year for the middle child.

Middle children are often overlooked in a family. They are not the first born who are expected to succeed or the baby of the family who is doted on. The plight of the middle child even carried over into pop culture on the TV show of the 1970s, “The Brady Bunch” when Jan got an entire episode devoted to her alone. Research does show that middle children often tend to be artistic and creative.  

So who were some famous middle children? Start with President Abraham Lincoln, then businessman Warren Buffett, actress Jennifer Lopez, President Herbert Hoover, entertainer David Letterman, co-founder of Microsoft – Bill Gates, football star Peyton Manning, and to continue with US Presidents, there is Donald J. Trump.

So make a point to look over your family tree, see who were middle children and their achievements, especially those of your direct lineage.

Photos: Middle Child, Lincoln, Buffett, and Gates.

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