Mocavo and FindMyPast Come Together

Mocavo and FindMyPast Come Together  Find more genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comIt is always interesting when genealogy related websites pair up. Sometimes, this is done through a merger or sale. Other times, individual genealogy websites partner up for a limited time in order to complete a specific project together. Mocavo has announced that it is coming together with FindMyPast.

Mocaco and FindMyPast are described as “sister sites”. The two genealogy websites will be coming together over the next few months. The purpose is to create a single experience for Mocavo’s United States customers. This move aims to deliver a more focused, efficient, and comprehensive service to United States family historians.

Mocavo is now in the process of moving all Mocavo site content to FindMyPast. It appears that this move means that Mocavo itself will, eventually, be shutting down forever. Soon, Mocavo customers will be able to enjoy all of the content currently available on Mocavo (and more) over at the FindMyPast website.

What does this change mean for current Mocavo subscribers? Mocavo had a “free forever” promise – which means it intended to always keep its content free. The change means that current Mocavo subscribers will be able to enjoy free access to all of the same records that were previously published for free on Mocavo.

Current subscribers also need to know that their Mocavo account will be transferred over to FindMyPast “soon”. (It is unclear exactly how soon that will happen). Mocavo customers will be able to take advantage of an equivalent subscription package on FindMyPast. That offer will ensure that current Mocavo subscribers payments will remain unchanged for their current subscription. It is unclear what will happen after that subscription ends.

FindMyPast is home to billions of names and the largest collection of Irish records, British Parish records, military records, and the British Newspaper Archive. It also has the 1939 Register. In addition, FindMyPast has a plethora if United States records. The United States records from Mocavo will move over and add to the United States records at FindMyPast.

FindMyPast has its own family tree builder. Mocavo subscribers will be able to import their family tree from Mocavo to FindMyPast. It appears that FindMyPast might be able to help people who move over there from Mocavo to discover more about relatives and family that they never knew existed.

FindMyPast was a sponsor of RootsTech 2016. At the conference, FindMyPast announced that they will bring more North American records online than ever before. It is possible that they were referring to the addition of the records that are coming to FindMyPast from Mocavo.

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