Mom Reunites With Long Lost Daughter - Through Facebook

facebookFacebook is more than a place to post statuses about your opinion of the restaurant where you ate your lunch today. It’s more than where you go to play simple online games, and to look up the people who were in your class in high school. It seems that Facebook is also the place to go if you are trying to get in touch with a long lost family member. Recently, Facebook was the tool that helped reunite a mother and daughter who had been separated for twenty eight years.

Tracey Stephenson, now age 45, gave birth to a baby girl when Tracey was only 16 years old. She named the baby Sarah Elizabeth. When Tracey was five months pregnant, she was sent to a home for pregnant teenagers. Tracey’s father and a few close relatives were the only people who knew about Tracey’s pregnancy. Tracey was estranged from her mother at that time. The baby girl, Sarah Elizabeth, was adopted when she was only ten days old. For three decades, Tracey wondered what happened to Sarah, and even tried to get in contact with her, but was unsuccessful in those attempts.

Around a year ago, Tracey logged into her Facebook account, and was amazed to get a friend request from Sarah. Sarah was searching for her birth mother, and knew her birth mother’s name. Sarah saw Tracey’s profile picture, and recognized how much the two of them resembled each other. Tracey thought that this friend request was some kind of cruel joke at first, and even closed her Facebook account. Sarah sent Tracey an email, trying to make sure that she was speaking to the right woman. Tracey responded to this email, and confirmed that yes, she was Sarah’s birth mother.

This led to an in person meeting between Tracey, and her long lost daughter, Sarah. Tracey’s family was rather shocked, at first, to learn of the existence of Sarah, who had been kept a secret for all those years. Sarah said she always knew that she was adopted, and waited to try and find her birth mother until the time was right. Since the birth of Sarah, Tracey had another child named Callum. Tracey is now proud to say that she is a “mother of two”, and Sarah is finally able to meet some of the other members of her birth family.

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