MooseRoots is a FamilySearch Compatible Computer App

MooseRoots is a FamilySearch Compatible Computer App  Find more genealogy blogs at FamilyTree.comMooseRoots is a leading genealogy research website that provides detailed information on more than 1 billion historical genealogical records. It is completely free to use. It is also a FamilySearch compatible computer app.

MooseRoots has its own search engine that is easy to use. Start by selecting any of the following categories: 1940 Census, U.S. Census Records, Death Records, Marriages & Divorces, Birth Records, or Grave & Cemetery Records. Next, type in the name of your ancestor and fill out the rest of the boxes in the search engine. MooseRoots uses Graphiq’s semantic technology to deliver deep insights via data-driven articles, visualizations, and research tools.

You can find more information about MooseRoots on FamilySearch’s App Gallery. It points out that MooseRoots cannot read information from your FamilySearch account. It cannot update information into your FamilySearch account. MooseRoots does not support LDS features. That might be comforting for people who do not want to connect additional apps to their FamilySearch account.

MooseRoots lets you explore records and images across hundreds of collections. Its suggested record matches provide insights not found on any other site. It is possible to find some important records via MooseRoots, the computer app is best used to find rich supplementary context that brings to life your family’s past.

Use MooseRoots to get visualizations of historical demographics and population trends. It will show you economic data like inflation and historical stock trends that could provide context to things that affected your ancestors. You can also find the origin and meaning of first and last names and track the name’s popularity through time in MooseRoots. It is also possible to learn about historical leaders of a particular time (such as Presidents and Congressmen).

Those of you who have your own genealogy or family history blog will enjoy a special feature that MooseRoots offers. You can embed anything you find on MooseRoots onto your own blog or website. There are interesting graphs that might relate to your ancestor’s experiences. It even has an inflation calculator that you can play with (if you want to find out how much your ancestor earned in today’s dollars).

There are plenty of other FamilySearch compatible apps to be found in the FamilySearch App Gallery. It features applications from FamilySearch’s many partner applications or services. These apps are ones that FamilySearch has deemed to be both compatible with FamilySearch and also as an application that you can trust.

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