mooseroots-symbolIt is always interesting to explore a different database, see what it might contain that you have not found to date. Even if there are records you have looked at, if doesn’t hurt to re-examine those same census records, death certificates, military records – just in case you overlooked something.

The new online site ‘MooseRoots‘ (a genealogical search engine) has several different historical records for you look over. There are US Census records, Vital records (birth-marriage-divorce-death and cemetery), Immigration and Naturalization records, military records (American and Canadian), plus a general reference category with information about names, genealogical collections and historical places.

mooseroots-logoWith the census there are 506,850,752 records. Click on that section and the search boxes are to the left. Just placing a surname or a full name will start the narrowing down. You can use the time line to narrow the search as well as location name. After selecting one specific record, details will appear. To view the original scanned records, it will state if its is available and have ‘original record’.

The same method is done for any of the other categories.

You can also ‘Join’ MooseRoots and have access to even more details from the different categories. It is free. Besides the official records, individuals (over 790,000 contributors) can also share photos or additional information once they join. Always be careful NOT to submit any information on yourself or living relatives or even ancestors who only recently passed away – for security reasons.

Mooseroots-Pascal Law-CW

So you never know what could be discovered.

They also have a Facebook page.

Photos: MooseRoots logo, the Civil War muster roll information of Pascal Law in the Union service.

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