Whether you are just starting or having been doing the family history research for years, you might be asked … “What is the reason you are researching your family?” In other words .. your motivation.

Of course, everyone does have their own personal reasons but here are a few of the more common reasons.

Many people want to know if there is some notable or famous historical person with their family lineage.

You might need the information to prove ownership of property, a house, a business, or other assets. That was the original reason people centuries ago needed to know their family tree.

To know how you got to the place in life you are, who and where did your ancestors go and achieve to bring you here today. Those who were pioneers is wonderful to know about.

If you have inherited family heirlooms, letters, diaries, documents, or artifacts, you will want to know about those relatives who once owned those items.

Finding out when and from where a relative came to America is a popular reason. Did you have ancestors back when colonies were first settled in the 1600s or if your ancestor comes in the 20th century?

A person’s name, whether given names or the surname, knowing its origins can be fascinating. You might have been named for an ancestor you never knew. If so you will really want to know about that person. (part of has a good site on the origins of many surnames, including those famous with that surname. Look and see if yours is there. Surnames.

Knowing your inherited medical health can be a major reason to learn about any illnesses or diseases your relatives had and what they died of.

Major historical events – wars, inventions, natural disasters, frontier, will make you curious if you had ancestors who lived during such times. Having relatives who were in the American Civil War has always remained a popular time period.

Then remember, keeping the memory of someone alive is by truly knowing and remembering their life and legacy. You will find that important also for an ancestor you never knew because you found out their led a fascinating life.

Photos: Related to famous people like Bingham Young; having a family heirloom-a watch; immigrants at Ellis Island in 1910 and pioneers traveling west.

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