Multiple Appearances

As one views countless times the vintage photographs taken of our ancestors to be very formal and straight-laced. However, in reality, there were some humorous and additional candid photos taken. Numerous fun photos were done when the fair or carnival set up in town for a week or more. Yet many were also done in professional photographic studios.

In this multi-layered photo of Olive Willard Morse around 1910, you first think you are viewing three girlfriends posing for a photograph together. On closer inspection, you can tell it is really Olive in three different poses. On the left, she is the country girl right from the farm (holding a sign ‘Down on the Farm‘, in the middle scene she is a proper city lady out on the town and to the far right she is the carefree, relaxed lady of leisure. Even a shot of a parasol appears layered in the photo. This was Olive as a married lady with a young son. You would think that would just not have been done in 1910, but here is proof.

Overall, Olive had an amusing photo of herself to share and exhibit of the good times she had when the photo was taken. Her family would later treasure that and any other photos of her due to her early death on October 26, 1918 due to the world-wide Spanish Influenza epidemic.

Photos: Three versions of Olive photo in 1910 and a portrait of Olive in 1910.

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