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It is interesting to look back at what toys were most popular with children. Not speaking of mass-manufactured toys like a Barbie doll, but homemade toys especially between 1820 and 1900, those favored by your grandparents, gr grandparents or gr gr grandparents.

In the 1840s, marbles were very popular. They were also used as toys in the 1500s. But in 1846, a German glassmaker using newly invented marble scissors was able to produce these glass marble easier – not mass production like today, but a bit easier.

In 1820 there was a game called ‘bilboquet.’ The toy was made of wood and was basically a cup and ball. The ball was to be swung into a cup.

During the American Civil War of the early 1960s, toys related to war were popular. Items such as lead soldiers, toy drums, toy bugles and various types of toys rifles and guns were all across the country.

Younger children of the 1880s loved a rocking horse. These could be easily made at home. Care was needed, a young child could move and rock that small horse toy across the floor and fall and be injured.

Little girls loved their dolls, which were in all different shapes and sizes. Most were handmade along with the clothes for the doll.

In 1900 a very famous toy came about, the Teddy Bear. These stuffed bears, filled with sawdust at first, were created in Germany around 1900. During the 1904 US Presidential election, Teddy Roosevelt commandeered the toy as a symbol of his campaign, something which the general public associated with him after he refused to shoot an injured, geriatric, captive bear. The toy bears were named ‘Teddy Bears’ after Theodore ‘Teddy’ Roosevelt.

Photo: Rocking horse and child in the 1880s.

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