Mustard Gas


mustard-gas suitNew data is becoming available, this time on US veterans who were exposed to mustard gas in experiments conducted by the United States during the 1940s. The information is coming from the Department of Veteran Affairs. The purpose of such testing was to see the physical effects on soldiers and how protective the use of special suits and masks would have on soldiers.

Mustard gas was used and its purpose was as a weapon of war. It was first developed by the German during World War I in 1916. The effects when exposed are large blisters on exposed skins and in the lungs causing burns. It can also affect the eyes.  mustard-gas poster

Your relative or ancestor may have been part of such mustard gas testing and never spoke of it since it was top secret. With the new database of names, you might locate some new details on a family member.

Scroll down the site and place either a full name, a surname or even just a given name into the box. A list will appear of all that meet the search keyword. You can also search by what state they last lived in. The information provided includes: a full name, last residence, which branch of the military they served (Army, Navy), their birth month and year, the date of enlistment and if known, their death month and year.

You can also download the entire list of all names using the ‘zipped CSV’ file which is located just below the search box. mustard gas-ww 2

Photos: Mustard gas suit, mustard gas poster and mustard gas WW II.

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