MyHeritage Added 18.6 Million Records

MyHeritage announced that it added that it added 18.6 million new records in October of 2019, in seven new collections including Australia, Spain, the former Soviet Union, Latvia, the United States, Germany, and Denmark.

Australian Death Notices 1860-2019: This collection of over 7 million records contains death notices, and obituaries from Australia from a variety of sources. The dates primarily range from 1900-2019, with a few entries from the previous 50 years.

Spain, Bilbao Diocese, Catholic Parish Records, 1501-1900: This collection of over 4.9 million records consists of baptism, marriage, and death records for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Bilbao in Spain. The majority of the records correspond to the historical region of Biscay, Spain, within the Basque Country, with a small minority of records from Cantabria.

Soviet Union, Soldier Memorials, 1915-1950: The 4.5 million records in this collection provide details on soldiers from the Soviet Union who died or went missing during the wars in the early to mid-20th century. Information listed on these records may include: name, year and place of birth, rank, and date and place of retirement.

Latvia, Riga Internal Passport Holders Index, 1918-1940: This database of 190,811 records includes residents of Riga and may include the surname, given name, father’s name, date of birth, place of birth, and place of origin of the passport holder.

United States Index of Gravestones, 1900-2018: The collection includes 601,986 records from more than 25 cemeteries located in the United States.

Germany, Emigrants from Southwestern Germany, 1736-1963: This collection of 285,158 records is an index of emigrants leaving Southwest Germany largely between 1736 and 1963.

Denmark, Copenhagen Burials, 1860-1912: This database of 255,733 records is an index to burial records from Copenhagen, Denmark. Records typically list the name of the deceased, death date, and burial place.

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