MyHeritage Added 19.4 Million Records

MyHeritage announced that it added 19.4 million records in nine collections in July of 2020. The new U.S collections include passenger lists from California and Washington (Seattle), an index of Navy and Marine awards, and a New York City marriages collection. MyHeritage has also added an update to the New York City Death collection. There are also new collections from Navarre, Spain.

The total update brings the total number of historical records on MyHeritage to 12,502,231,975.

California Passenger Lists, 1893-1957 has 2,903,775 records. It contains two-page passenger manifests of ships arriving in San Francisco, San Pedro, Wilmington, or Los Angeles, California from 1893 to 1957. Records include the passenger’s name, age, gender, date of arrival, and the name of the ship.

Seattle, Washington Passenger Lists, 1890-1957 includes 2,852,242 records. It includes images and an index of passenger manifests of ships arriving in Seattle, Washington. Records include the passenger’s name, age, gender, date of arrival, and the name of the ship.

New York City Marriage Index, 1866 – 1937 includes 5,193,864 records. The index includes information on the bride and groom name, marriage date, certificate number, and borough.

New York State Deaths, 1957 – 1969 includes 1,318,459 records. The index contains information on place and date of death, gender, age at death and the State file number.

There is a group of collections from Navarre, Spain. It is an autonomous community in Northern Spain. New collections include Spain, Navarre, Index of Baptisms, 1559-1910, a collection of Spain, Navarre, Index of Marriages, 1577-1940, and a collection of Spain, Navarre Index of Deaths, 1592 – 1986.

In addition, MyHeritage also added a select number of records from the Basque provinces of Gipuzoka and Biscay that date back as far as the 16th century. The collections are valuable for anyone with Basque or Navarrese roots.

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