MyHeritage Added Exclusive Collections of Historical Records

MyHeritage offers a treasure trove of historical records from around the world. They currently have about 8.5 billion records that MyHeritage users can discover on SuperSearch. Every so often, MyHeritage adds new collections that are exclusive to MyHeritage. You won’t find those records anywhere else.

MyHeritage added one of the largest collections of digitized U.S. yearbooks in existence with over 36 million pages in more than 253,000 yearbooks. It is called U.S. Yearbooks, 1890 – 1979. This collection is partially exclusive to MyHeritage.

The collection provides extraordinary genealogical coverage of high school students and teachers over a period of 90 years. In addition to adding this collection, MyHeritage is working on new technologies that will allow the extraction of even more value from yearbooks.

MyHeritage points out that newspapers are an important resource for genealogy and family history researchers. Newspapers contain obituaries, birth, marriage, and death announcements. MyHeritage has set up an OCR (optical character recognition) lab in Utah to process historical newspapers and books at high capacity. The newly added newspaper collections are among the first outputs of MyHeritage’s OCR lab.

Those collections include:

* Indiana Newspapers, 1847-2009

* Pennsylvania Newspapers, 1795- 2009

* Ohio Newspapers, 1793-2009

MyHeritage updated their Sweden Household Examination Books collection. They added more than 38 million records from additional years that were not in the collection before. These additions are exclusive to MyHeritage, and you won’t find them anywhere else. MyHeritage has produced an every-name index to nearly 8 million images in this collection.

The Swedish Household Examination books are the primary source for researching the lives of individuals and families throughout the Parishes of Sweden from the late 1600s to modern times. If your relatives lived in Sweden, this exclusive collection can provide details about your family that you may not already know.

MyHeritage added German Minority Census, 1939 to its records. This collection is exclusive to MyHeritage. The German Minority Census contains the names of all individuals listed in the German 1939 census who lived in a household where at least one person in the household had a Jewish grandparent. Many of these people were killed in the Holocaust and this census is the last written trace of them. There are approximately 410,000 individuals listed on census cards in this collection.

The MyHeritage Mandatory Palestine Naturalization Applications 1939-1947 collection is a unique compilation of over 206,000 records documenting the efforts of individuals, mostly Jews, and sometimes their entire families, to establish citizenship in Mandatory Palestine, which was under British administration at the time.

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