MyHeritage Added Family Tree Pedigree View on Desktop

MyHeritage has added Pedigree View to their desktop software. Pedigree view is the preferred family tree view for countless MyHeritage users who do their family history on their MyHeritage family sites.

Many have asked for MyHeritage to release Pedigree View on their desktop software. The company has released a Pedigree View for family trees on Family Tree Builder.

Pedigree View includes a root individual and his or her ancestors. It does not show siblings, spouses, or anyone else who is not a direct ancestor. In this view, you can navigate to other people in your tree and view their pedigree as well.

Names of individuals in the Pedigree View are configured in your settings, exactly as they are shown in the regular family tree view. Pedigree View includes much of the same family tree functionality that you are used to. For example, you can search for individuals in your tree. Icons indicating Smart Matches and Record Matches appear in the Pedigree View and can be clicked to see respective matches.

While the Smart Match icon will always remain, regardless of whether you have pending Smart Matches, if all Record Matches have been rejected, because you considered them incorrect, the brown Record Match icon will disappear. This allows you to easily discern which of your ancestors’ profiles require your attention – a feature that MyHeritage users find very useful.

Pedigree View shows 6 generations – the selected root individual and 5 generations of ancestors. The view displays natural relationships with a dotted line and adoptive relationships with a dashed line.

You can also manage personal photos from the Pedigree View and easily add or remove photos. Family Tree Builder is used by millions of people worldwide as their main software for family history research. MyHeritage is delighted to release the Pedigree View for Family Tree Builder, and they hope it helps you research your family history.

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