MyHeritage Added Norwegian Census Records

MyHeritage announced the addition of three important census record collections from Norway, from 1891, 1900, and 1910, to MyHeritage SuperSearch. These record collections were added in collaboration with the National Archives of Norway, and include 6.8 million new records.

With the release of these new collections, MyHeritage now offers approximately 34 million historical records from Norway, including census, baptism, marriage, and burial records. As the Scandinavian market leader for family history research and DNA testing, MyHeritage also offers 136 million records from neighboring Sweden and 105 million records from Denmark.

MyHeritage is the only major genealogy company to provide its services and full customer support in all three Scandinavian languages, as well as Finnish, and offers the greatest potential for new family history discoveries for anyone with Scandinavian origins. It also has the largest user base in Scandinavia and the largest collection of Scandinavian family trees.

The newly added census record collections from Norway are: 1891 Norway Census, 1900 Norway Census, 1910 Norway Census.

The 1891 Norway Census was conducted on January 1, 1891. It contains 2.1 million records with names, genders, residences, relationships, marital status, birth years, and birthplaces. This census is unique in that it asked married women about their kinship with their husbands.

The 1900 Norway Census was taken on December 3, 1900, and used one form for each household. This collection contains 2.3 million records that contain names, genders, residences, relationships, marital status, birth years, some full birth dates, and birthplaces of all persons living in Norway and sailors on Norwegian ships.

The 1910 Norway Census was taken on December 1, 1910 (and continued subsequent business days). It is the most recent census available due to Norwegian privacy laws, which restrict public access for 100 years. This collection contains 2.47 million records and is comprised of an index of transcribed records provided by the National Archives of Norway.

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