MyHeritage Adds 43 Million Historical Records In September 2023

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In September 2023, we published 43 million historical records from 43 historical record collections from Belgium, Canada, France, Lithuania, New Zealand, the U.K. and the U.S. The records include birth, marriage, death, divorce, burial, obituary, incarcerations and naturalization. Many of the collections also include images. Search them to discover a family treasure!

Here are more details about each of the collections:

Belgium, Aalst Population Registers

This collection contains records and images of population registers conducted in Aalst, Belgium between the years 1796 and 1881. Records typically include the name of the individual, the date and place of birth, and the age and residence at the time of the population register was conducted.

The municipality of Aalst includes the villages of Baardegem, Erembodegem, Gijzegem, Herdersem, Hofstade, Meldert, Moorsel, and Nieuwerkerken.

1931 Canada Census

This collection contains records and images of the 1931 Canada Census which was conducted on June 1, 1931 and enumerated over 10.4 million individuals. Information recorded in the census includes: name, relationship to head of household, martial status, age at last birthday, birthplace, nationality, immigration year, naturalization year, and religion.

Forms were printed in both English and French column headings; answers were recorded in the locally-spoken language. Individuals were to be enumerated in their usual place of residence even though they may not have been at that residence on the night of the enumeration. The head of household was to be recorded first followed by the rest of the members of the household.

The forms used for the territories was a simplified version of the regular schedule and enumerators assigned to the Yukon Territory and Northwest Territories were allows to begin before June 1st. Many people were displaced during this time period, due to the Great Depression, and might be unaccounted for.

Canada, Alberta, Edmonton Burials

This collection contains burial records from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada from 1890 onwards. Records typically include the name of the deceased, date of burial, the name and address of the cemetery, and information about the location of the grave within the cemetery.

1911 France Census, Update

This collection contains records and images of 1911 census records from a variety of departments in France. Records typically include names, year and place of birth, relatives in the household and residence information. Additional details can be found on each record’s associated image.

From 1836 until 1936 a national census was conducted every five years in France except for 1871 (which was delayed one year and conducted in 1872) and 1916 (which was skipped). Census records provide an excellent resource for finding ancestral family members living together and identifying their relationships, birth years, and birth places.

France Deaths, Update

This collection is a death index of French citizens and nationals released by the National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (French: Institut national de la staistique et des études économiques) abbreviated INSEE. The index contains each deceased person’s full name, gender, date and place of birth, and date and place of death. This index will be helpful to genealogists looking for more information about their French family members who passed away since the early 1970s.

The number of deaths reported and contained in this collection for the years 1970 and 1971 are well below expected counts and this is likely due to a ramp-up in compliance by local French offices reporting deaths to INSEE during these two years. In this collection, the number of deaths reported for 1970 appear to be only about 8% of actual and for 1971 the number is about 50% of actual. By 1972, nearly comprehensive reporting was achieved across France and its territories.

Greece, Asia Minor Refugees, 1914 – 1923

This collection contains records and images of immigration records of the refugees who emigrated from Turkey to Greece after the 1923 Population Exchange Treaty and received compensation for their property that was left behind. Records typically include the name of the refugee, place of immigration, the name of the father and spouse. The records in this collection are based on applications made between 1923 and 1925 by refugees who came from Turkey to Greece between the years 1914 to 1925.

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