MyHeritage Adds 89 Million Historical Records

What a way to finish the summer! In August 2023 we published 89 million historical records from 37 new historical record collections from Australia, U.K., and the U.S., as well as one collection from all over the world. The records include marriage, death, burial, obituary, as well as one tax collection from all over the world. Many of the collections also include images. Search them to discover a family treasure!

Worldwide Jewish Burial Registry from JewishGen

MyHeritage, BillionGraves, and the Museum of Jewish Heritage – a Living Memorial to the Holocaust partnered to make Jewish burial records more accessible to family history enthusiasts around the world.

MyHeritage digitized every cemetery in Israel through a partnership with BillionGraves, making Israel the first country in the world to have nearly all its gravestones digitized and searchable online with gravestone images, GPS location information, and fully transcribed records.

The Museum operates the JewishGen website, which serves as the global home for Jewish burial genealogy. Among its many collections, it offers a free, searchable database of Jewish burial records (known as JOWBR) from more than 9,500 Jewish cemeteries throughout the world and totaling more than 4.2 million records.

Under the partnership, the Museum JewishGen’s JOWBR collection is now available on both MyHeritage and BillionGraves, allowing millions of people the opportunity to explore an extensive treasure trove of Jewish burial records. MyHeritage developed Global Name Translation, a unique technology to help users overcome language barriers in their family history research. This technology will allow users to find pertinent Jewish burial records that are originally in languages such as Hebrew or Russian, even when they search MyHeritage in English, and vice versa, making the JOWBR records on MyHeritage even easier to find, opening new doors to anyone seeking information on their Jewish roots.

Australia, Queensland Teacher Announcements

This collection contains records regarding teachers in Queensland, Australia between the years 1899 and 1952. Records typically include the name of the teacher, as well as information about different events in the teacher’s career such as promotion, resignation, transfer, etc.

England, Lancashire, Manchester Burials

This collection contains burial records from Manchester, Lancashire, England from 1850 onwards. Records typically include the name of the deceased and the date and place of burial.

England and Wales, Hearth Tax, 1662-1674

This collection contains hearth tax records from England and Wales, between the years 1662 and 1674. This collection includes records from the following counties: Cheshire, Durham, Essex, Gloucestershire, Kent, Middlesex (including London), Norfolk Surrey, Sussex, Warwickshire, Westmoreland, Yorkshire, and Pembrokeshire.

Records typically include the name of the head of the household and the date and place of residence.

The hearth tax started in 1662 in England and Wales to supply funds to the new monarchy of King Charles II. It was occasionally referred to as “chimney money” because the tax was based on the number of fireplaces in a household.

The hearth tax was paid in two equal installments on the quarter days of Michaelmas on the 29th of September, and Lady Day on the 25th of March. Certain households were exempt from paying the tax, such as those already paying taxes to the church and those who were poor or because of the “smallness of estate.”

Arkansas Marriages

This collection contains marriage records from the state of Arkansas, United States from the year 1800 onwards. Records typically include the names of the groom and bride, their ages and date and place of marriage. Some records include the names of their parents.

Connecticut, Fairfield County Obituaries

This collection contains obituary records from Fairfield County, Connecticut, United States from the year 1839 onwards. Records typically include the name of the deceased and the date of publication.

You can find more record collections on the MyHeritage blog.

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