MyHeritage Announced Genetic Groups of DNA Matches

MyHeritage announced that you can now compare your Genetic Groups to those of your DNA Matches. In December of 2020, MyHeritage introduced Genetic Groups, an enhancement to their Ethnicity Estimate which increases the resolution of MyHeritage DNA’s ethnicity breakdown to 2,114 geographic regions.

Previously on the Review Match page, there was a Shared Ethnicities component that displayed your DNA Match’s Ethnicity Estimate with your Shared Ethnicities highlighted. Shared Ethnicities are regions where you and your DNA Match may have common ancestral origins, and identifying them may give you some clues about shared ancestors.

With the new update, this section of the page now allows you to compare your Genetic Groups results in addition to your Ethnicity Estimates. MyHeritage has organized the new component so that beneath the comparison between your DNA Match’s Ethnicity Estimate and your own, you’ll find a list of Genetic Groups to which you and your DNA Match belong. Ethnicities and Genetic Groups listed in bold are the ones you have in common with the match you are currently reviewing.

The ethnicities are listed first, sorted from highest to lowest according to the percentage of each ethnicity in your results. Then, the Genetic Groups are listed; first, Genetic Groups you share, sorted according to confidence level; then, the Genetic Groups you have that your match doesn’t; and finally, the Genetic Groups your DNA Match has that you do not.

There are three confidence levels: low, medium, and high, based on the quality and quantity of the segments that are shared with the genetic data that represents each group.

Shared Ethnicities and Genetic Groups is a premium feature that requires a paid MyHeritage plan (Complete, Premium, or PremiumPlus). Users without a MyHeritage plan will not be able to view this section of the Review DNA Match page.

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