MyHeritage Celebrates 7 Years of Family Tree Webinars

In August of 2017, MyHeritage acquired Millennia Corporation, the makers of Legacy Family Tree. In September, MyHeritage began celebrating the 7 year anniversary of Legacy Family Tree Webinars. You can watch 15 Legacy Family Tree Webinars for free through October 15, 2017.

MyHeritage points out that the Legacy Family Tree Webinar platform has amassed a large and dedicated fan base since 2010. Their webinars include speakers who are the leaders in their field, with 585 genealogy classes taught by 153 of the industry’s finest speakers.

One way to view the free webinars (for a limited time) is on the MyHeritage website. Think of these “freebies” as a sample of the wealth of information that can be found in the Legacy Family Tree Webinars. It is also possible to view the (temporary) free webinars on the webinars website.

The 15 free Legacy Family Tree webinars are:

* “Finding Your Early 1800s US Ancestors Online” – presented by James M. Baker, Ph.D, CG
* “Ten Brick Walls for Beginners” – Presented by Marian Pierre-Louis
* “Organizing Your Genetic Genealogy” – Presented by Diahan Southard
* “Family-Browse – Another Way to Look at” – Presented by Mary Kircher Roddy
* “Google Search Strategies for Common Surnames” – Presented by Lisa Louise Cooke
* “Watch Geoff Live: Adding Online Records to Legacy” – Presented by Geoff Rasmussen
* “Solutions for Missing and Scarce Records” – Presented by Tom Jones, Ph.D, CG, CGL
* “Ten Hidden Resources Every Genealogist Should Know” – Presented by Lisa Alzo
* “Tips and Tricks to Organizing Your Genealogy” – Presented by Shannon Combs-Bennett
* “Digital Images for Genealogists and Technologists” – Presented by Geoff Rasmussen
* “Locating Pennsylvania Vital and Religious Records” – Presented by Lisa Alzo
* “Finding and Using Land Ownership Maps” – Presented by Rick Sayre, CG, CGL, FUGA
* “Using Evernote for Genealogy” – Presented by Lisa Louise Cooke
* “50 Websites Every Genealogist Should Know” – Presented by Gena Philibert-Ortega
* “Crafting Ancestor Profiles from Start to Finish” – Presented by Lisa Alzo

If you missed the window where these webinars were offered for free, don’t worry! All of that content will still be available at Legacy Family Tree. So, you can still view those webinars – and more webinars that were not part of the “freebie”. To do this, you need to purchase a Webinar Membership.

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