MyHeritage Explains How to Navigate Your DNA Health Report

MyHeritage has loads of information about how to navigate your MyHeritage DNA Health Reports. The new MyHeritage DNA Health + Ancestry test offers an extensive range of genetic insights through detailed health reports for 27 conditions.

There are two ways to access your reports. One is through an email that MyHeritage will send you after the DNA lab receives you sample. The other is from your MyHeritage family site by clicking on the Health tab navigation bar.

For customers in the United States, an independent network of physicians called PWNHealth supervises this new service and provides clinical oversight. An independent physician will review and approve the processing of each test and evaluate all reports before they are released. When a report indicates an increased risk for a specific condition, the physician will further determine whether genetic counseling is advised.

If so, then you will receive an email explaining how to set up a consultation with a genetic counselor from PWNHealth. You won’t be able to access your reports until after you schedule that session.

You will be asked if you want MyHeritage to display genetic risk reports for incurable conditions, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, will be displayed. By default, those reports are not displayed. All users are asked this question – it has nothing to do with your specific results.

The Genetic Risk Reports show which conditions you have a slightly increased risk for. It also will show the conditions you have an average risk for, and those you have a significantly decreased risk for. These reports only reflect your genetic risk for developing a condition. They cannot tell you whether you have or will develop a condition.

This is just some of the information MyHeritage provides to help you navigate your DNA Health Report. For more details, visit the MyHeritage website where their blog was posted.

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