MyHeritage Explains Processing Delays of MyHeritage DNA Tests

MyHeritage posted an update regarding the processing times for MyHeritage DNA Tests. The problem began in the beginning of March of 2019, when MyHeritage upgraded to a new and more advanced DNA chip.

Until recently, MyHeritage DNA tests were processed using Illumnia’s Omni chip. To provide MyHeritage customers with a more robust and powerful analysis, MyHeritage decided to upgrade to a new and more advanced custom-designed version, based on Ilumina’s Global Screening Array (GSA) chip.

The process of designing the content of the new chip and working with Ilumina for them to manufacture it took more than a year.

Unfortunately, Iluminia ran out of the Omni chip supply before ensuring the timely delivery of the new GSA chip to MyHeritage’s lab. At the same time, MyHeritage’s DNA sales far exceeded the forecasts, and the company had no stock of chips left to compensate for the delay in Ilumina’s delivery of the new GSA chip.

Iluminia no longer had the capability to produce more Omni chips, and MyHeritage did not want to lose much more time by switching to another chip maker. This resulted in MyHeritage being unable to process the thousands of MyHeritage DNA kits that arrive at their lab daily, and to deliver results on time, for a period of more than a month.

MyHeritage has now received the new GSA chips. They worked around the clock to process the backlog of kits, and sent an apology to affected customers. As of April of 2019, MyHeritage has processed more than 90% of the delayed samples and provided their results to customers.

Samples that arrived at the lab during March 2019 have been queued behind the delayed samples from January and February of 2019. Most will be processed in 5 or 6 weeks from arrival at the lab. Samples that arrive in April will that 4 to 6 weeks, and samples that will arrive in May onwards should take the standard 3 to 4 weeks.

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