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myheritage-has-a-holiday-contest-find-more-genealogy-blogs-at-familytree-comDecember can be a busy month as people prepare and celebrate holidays that are meaningful to their families. MyHeritage wants you to take a minute to really think about what your wishes for this holiday season are. Your response could make you a winner!

If you could have anything you wanted – what would you wish for this holiday season? For many people, their immediate impulse will be on physical things. Your wish might be that you could give your kids every toy they have asked for this holiday season. Some people might wish for a new car (when their current vehicles are entirely usable) or a new computer.

The goal of the MyHeritage Holiday Contest is to get people to think bigger than the tangible items they may be wanting and to identify what truly matters most in life. The specific details of your holiday wish for your family should be one that really resonates with you.

Your holiday wish might be to have your whole family in one place, spending the holiday together. There was a time when people lived their entire lives in (or near) the town they were born in. This made it easy for people to stay close to family members.

Today, people move across the country, or around the world, in the pursuit of more education or a better job. Military families can end up moving to foreign countries – far away from their loved ones. Your holiday wish could be for your family to be together in one place.

The example given on the MyHeritage blog is a holiday wish for health. It features the story of Karen, MyHeritage’s country manager for Brazil. Her mother has cancer, and her holiday wish was good health for her mother. One of her daughters said her holiday wish was good health for their whole family.

MyHeritage would like you to share your holiday wish with them. Enter the MyHeritage holiday contest by writing on a chalkboard (or a piece of paper) your wish for your family this Christmas. Send a photo of yourself holding up your wish to [email protected] by December 16, 2016. MyHeritage will make a collage of all the finalists, and users will be able to vote on which photo should win.

Three lucky people will win an Amazon Kindle plus a private session with professional family history researchers. The professional can help you break your “brick walls” and advance your family history into the new year.

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