MyHeritage Has a Stay At Home Sale

MyHeritage is offering a Stay At Home Sale to encourage you to stay home. The discount on their MyHeritage DNA kits will be valid through the month of April 2020.

MyHeritage says that your health and safety are of the utmost importance to them. In light of the unfolding global situation, MyHeritage strongly encourages all their users to practice social distancing and to adhere closely to the instructions outlined by their local government and health authorities.

MyHeritage also says that it understands that it is not easy to stay cooped up at home. They would like to do what they can to “sweeten the deal”. For that reason, they decided to offer their MyHeritage DNA kit at a steep discount throughout the month of April.

You can order a MyHeritage DNA kit from the MyHeritage website. It is on sale now for $39. The regular price is $79. A MyHeritage DNA kit can be shipped to your home address and you can take the test at home. The kit consists of a simple cheek swab (no blood or spit required). Your results will be available within 4 to 6 weeks and will be accessible online. MyHeritage will send you an email when your results are ready.

With MyHeritage DNA, you can discover relatives who share DNA segments with you, inherited from the same common ancestor. You will also uncover the ethnic and geographic origins of your ancestors, from the largest pool of possible ethnicities in the industry – which may include some surprises.

MyHeritage knows that a discounted DNA kit isn’t going to make the difficulties of isolation go away or alleviate the worry you may be experiencing for your loved ones. They believe its important to have something to look forward to in these uncertain times. Learning about your origins and family members may bring a little joy and excitement to your family while you wait out this crisis.

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