MyHeritage Improved Their Family Tree

MyHeritage announced that the most popular views for family trees on MyHeritage has been improved with a new design. This will make it easier to navigate your family tree and make new discoveries.

The improvements include a new Relationship diagram that enables you to visualize your relationship to people in the family tree and understand how you are related.

Family tree cards have been updated. The previous design of the family tree showed cards where the male and female colors were either solid blue or solid pink, which is outdated. The new tree design differentiates between male and female cards with a more subtle thin color frame.

If someone in your family had a birthday or anniversary coming up, or if it took place just a few days ago, a festive cake or wedding ring icon will indicate the event. MyHeritage suggests you take advantage of this reminder by clicking on the festive icon to send a greeting.

You can now edit information on a card by clicking a pencil icon. It will open a new page where you can edit details of the person’s profile. If the card does not have a photo of the person, you can click the empty profile photo to add one.

Record Matches match individuals on your tree with billions of historical records available on MyHeritage, and Smart Matches match individuals on your tree with other family tree profiles on MyHeritage. If available, you can view all Smart Matches and Record Matches of a person on your tree by clicking on the corresponding green or brown icon on their card to make exciting new discoveries.

By default, a green color icon will show up for all Smart Matches, and a brown icon for all Record Matches, regardless of whether the matches are confirmed. The update lets you uncheck the new option “Show icons for confirmed matches” under the settings panel. The icons will be removed when all matches for that person have already been confirmed.

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