MyHeritage Introduced Cross-Language Record Matches

MyHeritage has introduced Cross-Language Record Matches. MyHeritage is already translated into 42 languages, and has become the most popular and heavily-used genealogy website in most non-English speaking countries, in addition to its popularity in the English-speaking world.

MyHeritage announced that their Global Name Translation Technology has been extended to apply to Record Matches as well.

Individuals researching their heritage often face a language barrier when trying to learn more about their ancestors who lived in another country. MyHeritage’s Global Name Translation Technology helps users overcome this barrier. It automatically translates names between languages.

Record Matches are records that are automatically found that match people in your MyHeritage family tree. With the addition, translated Record Matches are now calculated on an automated and regular basis. This means that users will receive Record Matches with that person’s name conveniently spelled out using that user’s own alphabet.

Global Name Translation includes advanced algorithms and is based on MyHeritage massive multilingual and international database of 12+ billion historical records. The Global Name Translation Technology automatically translates names found in historical records and family trees at very high accuracy, generating all plausible versions of the name to facilitate matches in different languages.

The technology covers both given names and surnames and tackles names previously encountered in the past, in addition to new names never seen before, by using machine learning. It also utilizes extensive dictionaries built by MyHeritage to cover synonyms and nicknames. This means the technology can find a complex Russian name in Greek, even if that name has never been seen on the internet in Greek before (but was spelled out this way in a specific record that could be valuable for your research).

All MyHeritage users can enjoy Cross-Language Record Matches now. To fully access Record Matches or to view or save records from collections, you need a Data or Complete subscription.

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