MyHeritage Introduced Two New Features

MyHeritage has introduced two new features that can help users get more from their DNA Matches. One is called Theory of Family Relativity, and the other is called AutoClusters.

Theory of Family Relativity incorporates genealogical information on all MyHeritage’s collections of nearly 10 billion historical records and family tree profiles to offer theories on how you might be related.

Main benefits of this new feature include:

* You will make new discoveries.

* You will discover new ancestors, because those theories go beyond the boundary of your family tree and include people from other trees and records.

* You will save time. By exploring your theories you can save hundred of hours of research that would have been required for you to reach the same conclusions yourself using the 10 billion records and tree profiles on MyHeritage.

* You will get more theories every month as the MyHeritage DNA database, family tree database, and historical records databases grows every day.

The Theory of Family Relativity is a premium feature that requires a site subscription on MyHeritage (Premium or PremiumPlus or Complete).

AutoClusters are a new genetic genealogy tool that groups together DNA Matches that likely descend from common ancestors in a compelling visual chart. It helps you explore your DNA Matches more efficiently and gain insights about the branches of your family tree.

AutoClusters works best if you test additional family members. For example, if you test your parent’s cousin, the cluster that he or she will appear in will implicate all the other DNA Matches in that cluster as being from the same branch of the family.

In a future version of AutoClusters, MyHeritage plans to include for each cluster the ancestral surnames and ancestral places that are shared the mos by the cluster members.

AutoClusters is a premium feature that requires a site subscription on MyHeritage (Premium or PremiumPlus or Complete).

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