MyHeritage Introduces Collection Catalog

MyHeritage has introduced the Collection Catalog. It is a new section on the MyHeritage website that lists the historical record collections indexed and available on MyHeritage SuperSearch. The catalog is useful for both beginners and professionals.

The Collection Catalog is a list that some people might think of as a “card catalog” (in reference to how libraries used to index their inventory on paper cards). The Collection Catalog is digital.

The Collection Catalog lists the name of each collection, the number of records in it, and the date in which it was added or last updated. A special icon indicates which collections are new or recently updated.

There is more than one way for MyHeritage users to access the Collection Catalog. One way is to access it from the Research tab in the main navigation menu. It can also be accessed from the SuperSearch homepage, and from the footer of the MyHeritage website under the Research section.

The Collection Catalog lists the collections currently available in SuperSearch. The top of the page may list a few Featured Collections, which are collections MyHeritage wants to bring to user’s attention because of the special value of those collections.

Featured collections often include content that cannot be found anywhere outside of MyHeritage. They will designate new collections as Featured periodically. Some collections are denoted with “New” or “Updated” indications.

Collections can be stored by the number of records they contain, the date they were last updated, or by collection name. MyHeritage users can browse the collections available by moving their mouse over the title of any collection to see a concise description of the collection. It is also possible to refine the collections by category, location and by date (year ranges). MyHeritage users can also choose to only display record collections with original images.

Once you find a collection of interest, you should click on the name of the collection. Doing so will take you to the main search form of the collection, where you can begin searching for historical records inside it.

The new Collection Catalog provides a useful listing of the collections on SuperSearch and is a gateway to the vast historical treasure trove of 7.8 billion records currently offered by MyHeritage. The catalog lists their 6,503 main collections and excludes tiny collections that have fewer than 500 records each. The tiny collections might be added to the Collection Catalog at a later date.

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