MyHeritage Introduces Surveys

MyHeritage has introduced Surveys. The surveys were released by the MyHeritage Science Team, which is led by world-renowned genetics pioneer Dr. Yaniv Erlich. The purpose of the surveys is to help MyHeritage investigate how genetics affects various aspects of our lives.

MyHeritage explains: “These surveys analyze the relationships between genetics and behavior, personal characteristics, and culture. The surveys will help us see what makes people similar and what makes them different, based on their genes. With your answers, you will help contribute valuable data that may lead to significant scientific discoveries.”

All MyHeritage users who took a MyHeritage DNA test or uploaded their DNA test to MyHeritage are invited to take part in the surveys project. Those who have already started answering the surveys are welcome to come back and complete them. Surveys are available in: English, German, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish, Spanish, Finnish, Danish, Russian, and Brazilian Portuguese.

MyHeritage says that they have received over 2 million answered survey questions so far. This data enabled the MyHeritage Science Team to make some interesting conclusions about MyHeritage users. The Team studied the correlation between a person’s BMI and their history of heart attacks – and found that, on average, those who have had a heart attack have a higher BMI. There also is a correlation between heart attacks and smoking.

There are a variety of surveys MyHeritage users can take:

Demographic Survey: Makes connections between genetics and characteristics
Personal Health Survey: Predisposition to medical conditions
Family Health Survey: Family medical histories make scientific insights even richer
Traits Survey: Fill out which features you have to help scientists learn what makes people unique
Diet Survey: Data about food preferences and habits is a new direction in personalized medicine
Career Survey: About your career choice and satisfaction
Hobbies Survey: How you spend your time may be affected by your DNA
Sleep Survey: Help scientists understand connections between sleep preferences and genetics
Handedness Survey: This survey will help reveal what’s behind handedness
Media Survey: To find out how much of our opinions are affected by DNA
Happiness Survey: Your mood, combined with MyHeritage global genetic database, will improve understanding of mood disorders.

MyHeritage ensures that all of your information and results will remain private. They will remove personal data (like name and email) when analyzing results, to protect your privacy. MyHeritage will not share your personal data with anyone.

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