MyHeritage Introduces the Family Discovery Kit

MyHeritage has introduced the MyHeritage Family Discovery Kit. It is brought to MyHeritage in partnership with Project Life by Becky Higgins. Use the MyHeritage Family Discovery Kit to capture your family’s unique story.

The MyHeritage Family Discovery Kit involves more than DNA. It is aimed at family historians who want to record their family’s history and learn more about their ancestors. It provides family historians with tools and resources they can use to put together a personalized family history.

The MyHeritage Family Discovery Kit comes with:

* A MyHeritage/Project Life Scrapbook – An 11”x9” embossed family heritage album with 36 photo pocket pages sewn in. It is designed to hold photos, themed cards, and other memorabilia of varying sizes.

* MyHeritage DNA kit – Discover your ethnic origins and find relatives you never knew existed. The kit consists of 2 cheek swabs, storage vials, and return packaging. Receive a detailed ethnicity breakdown with percentages from MyHeritage’s list of 42 supported ethnicities.

* 3 months of free access to – Get 3 months of free access to MyHeritage Complete plan, which includes cutting-edge genealogy tools, unlimited family tree size, and innovative search and matching technologies.

* Customized page inserts – Full page double-sided card inserts featuring custom-made designs. The cards can be used to display a print out of your Ethnicity Estimate or to preserve your family memories. The inserts fit perfectly into the full-sized pocket pages included in the album.

* Project Life decorative cards – 160 custom-designed family themed cards featuring timeless yet modern graphics and meaningful quotes to capture and cherish special family moments.

* Keepsake box – The perfect place to preserve this special project so it can be enjoyed in the future, and the ideal place to store other sentimental family items.

* Scented candles – The candles add a touch of warmth to any room and create a beautiful ambience at home when entertaining guests or spending quality time with the family.

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