MyHeritage Lets You Confirm or Reject Theories

MyHeritage has introduced the ability to confirm or reject a Theory of Family Relativity. This function was widely requested by MyHeritage DNA users.

While the new theories presented by MyHeritage are often accurate, they are occasionally incorrect. Theories are based on historical records and family tree data. There may be errors in the family trees contributed by other MyHeritage users, or in the historical records, and sometimes the technology used by MyHeritage to match them to each other makes a mistake, leading to an incorrect theory.

Previously, there was no way to confirm or reject a theory – each theory would be permanently displayed on the DNA Match whether you considered it accurate or not. There was no method to systematically review the theories and mark theories that you have already processed, so that new ones would be easy to notice. Now there is!

With the new functionality, you can now confirm the theory if you believe it to be true, or reject it if you believe it to be incorrect. New theories will have a pending status when they are neither confirmed nor rejected. This can help you keep track of the theories that you have already reviewed and evaluated.

Note that confirming correct theories is not enough on its own, and we encourage you to update your family tree to include new information conveyed in any theory you believe is correct (e.g. by adding individuals currently missing in your tree who are included in the theory).

In addition, MyHeritage has also added the capability to compare your Genetic Groups to those of your DNA Matches. This improvement was also widely requested by MyHeritage users.

The new filtering option allows you to see all your DNA Matches belonging to a certain Genetic Group on one page and eliminates the need to scroll through your DNA Matches one by one to see their Genetic Groups. Filtering your DNA Matches allows you to make more sense out of your many matches and focus on the ones that interest you the most.

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