MyHeritage Released Shared Ancestral Places Feature

MyHeritage announced the release of a brand new feature for DNA Matches. The feature is called Shared Ancestral Places. It displays the ancestral places that you share with every DNA match. MyHeritage explains the feature this way:

“Shared Ancestral Places refer to towns, countries, or U.S. states that appear in your family tree as well as in the family tree of your DNA Matches, where birth or death events of your ancestors (and those of your DNA Matches’ ancestors) took place. These places are identified going back up to 10 generations and can play a vital role in family history research.”

In order to use this new feature, you must have a MyHeritage account and have taken the MyHeritage DNA test. The Shared Ancestral Places feature will identify if you and a DNA Match have a Shared Ancestral Place.

It will give you more information that you can use to investigate that match further. MyHeritage says you may be able to determine which common ancestor you and your DNA Match share from whom you both inherited the same DNA segments.

MyHeritage displays ancestral events on a city level. This can help you figure out if you and a DNA Match both have ancestors who were born or died in a major city, small town, or remote village. It also points out significant events that took place in a specific major city. Use this information to narrow down your search for relatives and ancestors.

Another interesting thing about the Shared Ancestral Places feature is something that its algorithm does. The algorithm knows how to match cities and places even if they were misspelled or entered in different languages. The results can give you information that you would not have otherwise known about because it was originally written in a language you cannot read.

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