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my-heritage-updates-its-app-find-more-genealogy-blogs-at-familytree-comThe MyHeritage mobile app has been updated. The app is useful for genealogists who use the MyHeritage website. The MyHeritage app allows you to share family moments, discover and edit your family history, and keep in touch with the people you love.

The MyHeritage app is available for download at both the App Store and on Google Play. You can use the app to create your family tree and add names, photo and facts. The app can be used to store all your information into a private online family tree and it can sync that information across devices.

One of the new updates to the app involves real time discoveries. They have added real-time Smart Matches to bring you discoveries as you enter information in your family tree on the mobile app. Every time you update the profile of an individual in your family tree, MyHeritage will automatically look for matches with the 34 million existing family trees on MyHeritage. You will get in-app notifications about the Smart Matches.

The update to the app will also allow you to view your family tree list both on the mobile app and while viewing your tree in an internet browser on your mobile phone. This update includes improved search functionality and sorting options. This feature is great for finding people in your family tree quickly and easily, especially when you are on the go.

To get to your family tree, you simply click the “Tree” on the main page of the mobile app. Next, click on the List View icon in the top right corner of your family tree. Doing so will make your family tree, which is typically viewed horizontally, into a list of people who on your family tree.

You can scroll through that list or do a search for a specific person. Clicking on an individual who is on your family tree will open up his or her profile.

As I mentioned, the MyHeritage mobile app includes real-time Smart Matches. This means the app may show you discoveries. When a discovery is found, the Discoveries icon will appear to the right of the name of a person who is in your family tree. You can see it if you view your family tree in list format. There will be a number next to the Discovery icon that indicates how many discoveries were found for that person.

The MyHeritage app also lets you search for records for a specific individual. You can also add a photo of a person who is in your family tree right through the app. If you like, you can change the order of the people that are in your family tree list. Sort them by relationship, first name, or last name.

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