MyHeritage Updated its Mobile App

MyHeritage has updated the MyHeritage mobile app. It is available for iOS and Android, for both smartphones and tablets. You can download the app for free.

MyHeritage added several new features to their app that will help you improve your family history research. Those features include: Family Timelines, the ability to view family trees that you’re matched with, the ability to choose which information you extract from Smart Matches, an improved research page, and more.

Family Timelines – From any timeline on the family tree, click on the clock icon on the top right. That will let you explore that relative’s timeline and scroll through their family story. It is a fun way to showcase and highlight family members and their journeys.

Extracting Information from Smart Matches – Much like the MyHeritage website, after reviewing and confirming a match, you can now choose which pieces of useful information to extract into your tree, rather than copying everything. 

Research – MyHeritage completely revamped their search pages on the mobile app to help you explore the lives of your ancestors through billions of historical records. You can tap the “By collection” tab to browse through our collections or search for a specific record collection.

View Other Trees –When reviewing a match, MyHeritage added the ability to view the family tree that you are matched with so you can easily compare the two trees, and review information.

Photo Sharing –MyHeritage added the ability to upload photos to MyHeritage from some of the most popular sharing and editing apps. When tapping on a photo, use the share button to select the MyHeritage app. The MyHeritage widget will pop up and you will be asked to add an optional title to the photo or photos.

MyHeritage has plenty of new features planned for upcoming releases. 

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