MyHeritage's Deep Nostalgia - Cool or Creepy?

MyHeritage introduced Deep Nostalgia in February of 2021. It allows people to animate the faces in their family photos. Some people think it is absolutely wonderful, while others find it kind of creepy.

Deep Nostalgia uses deep learning algorithms to produce remarkable results. You can animate any of the faces in your photos to see them move, blink, and smile. It works equally well on black and white photos and photos that were originally taken in color. It also works well on colorized photos and photos whose colors were restored using MyHeritage in Color.

By March of 2021, Deep Nostalgia became an internet sensation. It was released at RootsTech 2021, and those who used it posted their animated photos on social media. MyHeritage said they knew that it had the potential to go viral. It appears they were right!

Many of the people who used Deep Nostalgia to animate the photo of a relative or ancestor see it in a positive way. For them, the ability to view an animated photo of a loved one brought them comfort. It also causes people to cry – but those are likely happy tears! Those who posted these images online typically state how wonderful it is to see their loved one again, and often remark on how beautiful their mothers or grandmothers were when they were young.

Other people, however, find the experience of watching an old photo of a relative or ancestor move to be very creepy. It can be unnerving to watch a deceased relative move in a photo that you are used to seeing as a still image. For some, Deep Nostalgia can cause an “uncanny valley” response that could provoke unexpected feelings.

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< Return To Blog I was one who found it horribly creepy. And as I don't have an MH subscription, I don't really have to worry about it.
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