N.C. Photographs - Brimley Collection

This wonderful collection (Brimley Collection) of vintage photos taken within North Carolina were collected by Hubert Hutchinson Brimley (1861-1946). He was also director of The North Carolina State Museum of Natural History. The photographs document many aspects of life in the state between the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth centuries. His collections are arranged alphabetically by topic, beginning with Agriculture and ending with World War II. There are a total of 110 categories in the collection. Most are in black and white with a few in color.

Other photos going beyond 1946 are in this collection of 5,000 photos, covering 1880 to 1977. The photos are part of the State Archives of North Carolina. If you had ancestors living from 1880 to 1977 in any region of North Carolina, you will need to search these photos for people, places, and events. There is a search box in the top center portion of the page to place a keyword, place or surname. Try different places, names and businesses, you never know what you may find.

Once you find an interesting photo, scroll down to the info to the bottom and the full known name, location and date will be provided. You can ‘Save’ to your computer any of the images but do label the source –Brimley Collection-State Archives of N.C.  

Photos: Wray family on the porch of Wray Villa, Yancey County, NC, in 1906, Big Tom Wilson, Mt. Mitchell, Yancey County, NC, 1906 and the Walter Tucker Residence, 504 Fayetteville Street, Raleigh, NC; about 1890.

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