N & S Carolina Death Certificates 1906-1943

NC-SCA free to use database on deaths that occurred in North Carolina between 1906 and 1930 is available online through American Ancestors.

This being online allows you to view the scanned death certificate. On it would be date of death, person’s full name, where they died, of what causes, their age and birth date along with other relative’s names, such as parents. A wealth of information can be secured from most of these certificates.

If you locate one of interest you can enlarge it to read it better. It can also be saved to your computer. NC-Johnson

The same situation is true for death certificates issued in South Carolina. These cover from 1915 to 1943. They are the scanned documents which can be enlarged and saved.

Part of the most important vital records are Birth-Marriage and Death records. For the Carolinas this has been made a little easier with them online. Remember to check any ancestors even if they lived in Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, or other surrounding states. They may have died in the Carolinas even if they did not permanently lived in those states. NC-SC-logo

Photo: Death Certificate Joesph E. Johnson in 1919, age 86.

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