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Wordle-1This can be a fun project to work on a cold day this winter. Even if you do not have your family complete (and who does?), you do a long list of given names and / or surnames to create your own word cloud.

Using the Wordle web site, it can be easily achieved. The more names you can add, especially repeating a surname, such as Johnson – say you have 10 ancestors with that family name, put it in 10 times. Same goes for given names (including middle names).

You can change the font style, the background, the text color, etc. to make it you own creation. Then the final product can be printed out or shared in digital form with numerous family members.

Start with the list of the names you want to put together. No special order is needed, again repeat those where the name is repeated with several people. Do place a comma after each name. Then press ‘GO’ button. It will take a few moments for it to produce a display. Next play with the color, font, lay-out styles. It tells you which one it is and just select something different.

You can really have fun trying different ways to showcase the names. Note that some names a bigger in size – – well those are the ones which appeared on the list more frequently. The smaller a name in size, less frequently. If you have names from a language other than English it can be done that way also.

To make it as a jpeg image so you share it on an email. Do that by pressing the ‘Ctrl’ and ‘Prt Scr’ keys on your keyboard. It can then be named and saved to your computer. Wordle-2

Other types for words for the cloud besides surnames and given names would be favorite foods, hometowns, occupations, year or month of ancestor’s birth, pets’ names, hobbies, etc.

So a good project to get family members involved with.

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