National Family Week

thanskgiving-family-week-logoNational Family Week in the United States takes place the week of American Thanksgiving. It was first officially proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan on November 19, 1987. It is also a recognized celebration in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

Having this National Family Week is fitting for the Thanksgiving holiday. It did have its real beginnings in 1968 by Sam Wiley, a former teacher and administrator from Indianapolis, Indiana. He created the observance as a means to provide Americans with an opportunity to promote strong families, and legislation was passed to have the week of Thanksgiving recognized nationwide as National Family Week. thanksgiving-family-toast

For those doing family history research, it is the perfect time to gather relatives, do those interviews and collect vintage family photos. If you have done the interviews and scanned photos, now share (provide copies or a disc with the information) with relatives during this National Family Week with what you have gathered. thanksgiving-family-saying

Photos: National Family Week Logo; Thanksgiving Family Dinner; and Family Saying.

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