National Parks' Archive of Photos

Parks-house 1909Combination of the National Parks Service and Clemson University have worked to collect and scan a collection of photos relating to the national parks in the United States. They put together over 220,000 images plus scanned thousands of documents relating to the parks.

The homepage of the online site shows you the categories for the many images including Fort Sumter Monument, Mammoth Cave National Park, Smokey Mountains and many more. The scanned other collections are just as varied including drawing of the POW Andersonville Prison in GA and National POW Museum. Not every national park images and documents are scanned yet, but they are being done and added.  Parks-Blue Ridge-RR-1900s

If you had ancestors who visited or worked at any of the available parks in this present collection you will want to view the images. There is a search box to place a keyword to search a location or name.  parks-headstones at Andersonville

Photos: 1909 house in Hodgenville, Larue, Kentucky (part of the President Lincoln collection); trail tracks through the Great Smokey Mountains in early 1900s; and headstones at the Andersonville Cemetery.

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