National Registry of Historic Places

Registry-GA houseThis National Registry was created in 1966 to keep a permanent record of information and available photos of some of the nation’s most prized historic locations. In 2016 there were 931 such locations in the national registry. Now you might think these would only be the most famous places such as Mount Vernon, etc. The answer is NO.

Instead, this National Registry has many historic places right in one’s hometown. They are important to that town or county’s history but not solely for the nation. All the historic places still exist.registry - delaware church

An application must be completed detailing every aspect about the building possible. Sources can include newspaper articles, books on the subject, interviews, journals, magazine articles, etc. These applications running 25 to 100 pages in length are filled with every detail the person / organization submitting the application can locate. Registry-school oregon`

It is usually local civic-minded groups who take the time to research about the building or historic site, document everything and complete these massive applications for the National Registry. Not every submission to be on the National Registry is accepted.

Registry-Price house FLFor you in doing your family history, you could find a location on the registry that tries directly into your family. It could be a business building, a school, a home, a bank, anything is possible.

Again these applications are so detailed when accepted you will be amazed.

The National Registry is presenting digitizing those applications for the accepted national registry locations across the country. Not every state’s historic accepted places are digitized yet. Those not done as of the end of 2016 are: Arkansas, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, North Carolina, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia

You can start a research of what is digitized and what is on the registry even if that state’s applications are not digitized to date. If you find a place of interest you can request a copy of the application by emailing the National Registry.

To start a search of those states which have been digitized, click on ‘National Registry of Historic Places Focus Database‘. Once there the best method is to place the state name and county and see what is listed. Could be some interesting finds.

Photos: In Decatur Co. Georgia the John W. Callahan house; Barratt’s Chapel of 1780 in Kent Co., Delaware; Churchill School in 1926 in Baker Co., Oregon; and 1900 Joseph Price house in the Hammocks in Ormond Beach, FL

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