National Roots Day. December 23.

It’s the holiday season and everyone is preparing their homes around the globe in celebration. Some are spending the holidays with their parents or grandparents, others with their adult children or grandchildren. There are all types of family styles now-a-days; from two parents, to a single parent, to adopted parents, to a family being sisters, brothers or husband and wife. No matter what the situation and what you call ‘family’, we all have our individual heritage. That is why annually the date of December 23 is set aside as National Roots Day in recognition of our family heritage.

That is why genealogy has become so popular in the last 40 years, people do like to know their background, how did their family get to a certain location, achieve what they did, etc. Many times these questions can be answered with some solid family history research. Even spending just a few hours might reveal some new information.

Once you really start investigating there can be all types of strange twists and turns that occurred to a family member that in turn might have changed the course of the future for the family. Those are the real mysteries or pieces of the puzzle that are fascinating to inquire about one’s family.

Knowing more about your parents, grandparents, great aunt’s lives, and learning how they conquered the unknown provides some real comfort to you. There is also the possibility of finding out you are distant relative of a celebrated or notable individual in history, which makes for a fun bit of family background.

Your family roots are all the ingredients that helped make you the person you are today. The classical example is if your great grandfather had not taken the chance to leave his European homeland and come to America, you just might still be a resident of an European nation, rather than the United States. Even better is when you discover an ancestor with a certain skill such as dance, playing an musical instrument, art work, mathematics, sports, etc., that have inherited. In a way that ancestor has immortality by you continuing in that same or similar activity.

Enjoy the search and be proud of your roots.

Drawing: Norman Rockwell’s illustration of the Family Tree – Roots.

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