National Siblings' Day

On Wed., April 10th, across the United States and even overseas, is recognized as ‘Siblings’ Day’. This special recognition started in 1998. Not just the present siblings you might have now, but also those who have passed away and do not forget to add the siblings of your parents (your aunts-uncles) and siblings of your grandparents. Each and everyone has a unique life to share with you.

Some information on siblings: About 89% of all Americans have a sibling. A described word(s) to show the relationship of siblings: loving, fun, best friends, augments, and support. A very interest comparison of siblings, it appears most American when surveyed would rather be the oldest sibling. Next in line was being the youngest. Few wanted to be a middle child or not an only child for sure. Compared to males ad females, 35% of women would prefer being the youngest child in the family where men at 40% preferred to the oldest child. Other interesting findings is about 20% of Americans feel they are completely different from their siblings.

Having siblings is a connection with your childhood. You and your siblings can share similar experiences and life lessons you all had. Remember not just experiences you share but you all are of the similar genetic material. You truly do share similarities on the DNA level. Even if you have half-brothers or sisters, you share similar physical traits. You just might want to encourage your siblings to take a DNA test during April – that would be cool.

Besides learning more about your parents’ and grandparents’ siblings, on April 10th you do a few items to recognize your own siblings. How about getting out one of those funny photos from childhood and post it on Facebook or Twitter (use hashtag: #NationalSiblingsDay) ? Another idea to see if you can locate either an image of one of your sibling’s favorite toy or find the actual item on eBay and sent it to them. 

If you can get together with your siblings, locate a childhood photo of all of you together and then take a present-day photo and recreate that same exact scene, action and position of each child.

Siblings are part of your own life history.  

Photos: Kershaw 4 siblings in 1959; The Groff sisters in 1918; Musselman brother and sister in 1903 and Recreated Sibling Photos.

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