Native Indian Photos

Being treated as non-humans, no citizenship and placed on restricted reservations was the life of the 19th into early 20th century American Indians. However, thanks to the American Antiquarian Society in Massachusetts, there is a large collection of photos of various Indian individuals, families and groups from across America. 

The photo collection is from several known photographers including William H. Jackson (1843-1942) and Jack Hillers (1843-1925) as well as many unknown artists. The collection spans from 1859 to 1910 and represents thirty-nine tribes in several different formats, including stereographs, cabinet cards, and cartes-de-visite. Some of these images are truly amazing.

The range of time and styles is shown, from native Indian dress to the wearing of what was the popular clothing of the times. There are about 225 images, with each just fascinating.

View the selection and click on any to enlarge it. There are no details with names and location but with a few of the photos, but just to see these images is worth the time. You can right click to save to your computer any photo.  

Photos: A male a coat of the times with a traditional blanket being held; a male in full native clothing and weapon style; Group of five males; and Indian Tent.

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